Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a e-mail address?

Why "" ? Where did that name come from?

What is this website for? 

Actually, I've owned this domain for many years, trying to figure out what to do with it. Due to the time constraints of having to keep a full time job and a personal life, I really haven't figured out a more creative way to use this domain. So in the mean time, it basically serves as an entry portal for a few select friends and acquaintances to access their MavNet e-mail. Because having stupid e-mail addresses with weird letter and number combinations at the beginning is, well, stupid. I mean, have you tried to register for a new e-mail account with Hotmail, Yahoo, or any of the other big web based e-mail providers lately? Chances are, your only choice of address will be something completely incomprehensible like Having your own domain means you can issue more personal, easy to remember e-mail addresses. But you have to be uber cool to get one of these.

Also, having your e-mail address tied to your current ISP is so last decade. What if you move out of the area, or just get fed up with your crappy Internet service and want to change companies? Now you have to go through the trouble of letting all your friends and family know your new e-mail, and they have to go through the trouble of updating their contact lists. Oh, and what about updating all the various website logins you may have tied to that old address? Or companies you do business with online? Pain. In. The. Rear.

Of course, the major flaw in my logic is this: Since I own the domain, what would happen if I stop renewing my registration of it, or what if I die, or something? Well, then I guess everyone who has a MavNet address would lose their e-mail account. But it was free, so deal. I'll try to give everyone plenty of advance notification if I ever choose to not renew this domain, or of my pending demise when that time comes.

By the way, thanks to Google for Gmail and letting people like me use it to power our own domain's e-mail. That was mighty cool of ya.

If this website is only for a few select people, then why did you bother typing all this stuff? 

And I was bored at the time. Oh, and in case somebody stumbled across this site from a search engine and was bored enough to read all this.

I thought this was an FAQ? Do people really Frequently Ask these Questions?

And no, no one ever asked me these questions. I have just found most FAQs on various websites to be utterly useless. Being that it seems to be standard practice, I thought, hey, who am I to buck the trend?